Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

I'm back, kinda! Except I don't have a fancy domain name anymore. Or I do, but due to some accidental meddling, it's not linked to the blog, and the way to fix it is overly complicated and boring. So I'm sure there's lots of broken links on here, and I'll fix them as I see them. 

This is assuming anyone can even find this and is reading it. I hope they do. I need to know if Lord Loser is still growing championship beards or if Trina fell through any more ceilings. (if you happen to have stumbled onto this blog for the first time, Lord Loser grows championship beards and Trina fell through a ceiling. There, you're all caught up.)

Anyway, for the past couple of years I've been working at a department store that for legal purposes I'm going to refer to as Darts, and if you clicked on that link, then you already know I've also started writing an entertainment-type blog with some friends from high school and NYPinTA called The Nerds Uncanny. It's ostensibly about pop culture, movies, tv shows, comics; that sort of thing. My first post over there, Television! Teacher. Mother. Secret Lover., (I planned on using Simpsons quotes for all of my headlines, a gimmick that lasted for exactly one post. ) is about memory and the evolution of how we watch TV, and is a lot more entertaining than I'm making it sound. Really. 

After being away from the keyboard for a few years, it feels pretty good to be writing again. And I've got to say, I miss this place. If it's not completely ridiculous to start up a dead blog after all this time, I may split my time between here and there. You know, entertainment stuff there, random day-to-day stuff here. That makes sense, right hypothetical readers?


LL said...

I kinda hate to tell you this... but it is completely ridiculous to start a blog with PinTA and expect her to post anything. Just look what she's done with the three blogs she's already got!

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