Wednesday, April 08, 2009

R.I.P.: Warren G. Skye

Most of you have never heard of Warren G. Skye. To be honest, I never really knew exactly who he was, either. I guess I thought he was one of those quasi-celebrities whose fifteen minutes of fame were up before I was even born, like etiquette guru Annie Cavanagh. He could have also been a politician, possibly British; I just didn't know.

I feel bad now for not giving poor Warren much thought. Did he have a family? What's he been up to lately? It never crossed my mind. Really, the only time I ever thought about him at all was every once in a while when I heard his name on the radio. But no more.

Today, in a Shamaylanian twist, I found out there is no Warren G. Skye. Or, if there was, the Cars never mentioned him in Bye Bye Love, off their eponymous 1978 debut album. I'm still a bit too shaken up to accept that he's gone. All this time, I thought it was:

It's Warren G. Skye...
Oh wait, is it some other guy?

But it turns out the actual line is:

It’s an orangy sky
Always it’s some other guy

Orangy sky? What the hell does that mean? At least mine made sense. A part of me died today.

So long, Warren. Or should I say bye bye love? No, so long is sufficient.