Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That Whole Kerfluffle

Okay, people. I wasn't here when Kanye acted like a giant douche and said Beyonce's video was one of the best of all time. OF ALL TIME!!! Then she actually won video of the year, which made him look like an even bigger, impatient douche.

But I'm not here to talk about that giant impatient douche. In the interest of remaining somewhat relevant, I've seen the Single Ladies video and I don't get why a black and white video of three chicks dancing would even be in the running for video of the year, let alone "all time." Unless you're using it for, ahem, spank material, it's boring as hell. Where's the story? The character development? It looked like a cosmetics commercial. In fact, wasn't it?

There were no Vincent Price raps, no claymation, no dancing skinned chickens...no Fonzie, not even a mop-wielding janitor. What the hell? It's not even the first video to be filmed in black and white with no background.

Even the choreography, which is apparently what's supposed to be so great since there's nothing else to the damn thing, is lifted from somewhere else. But the comments on the Youtube video go on and on about how amazing it is? Observe:

Considering the number of parodies and imitations of this video, I would argue that it's the most important music video since Thriller. I think Beyoncé did something really big here.

 thts true, i think beyonces wuz better 2. I honestly dnt think what kanye said wuz tht bad cuzz he wuz very ploite about it

I do like this inexplicable exchange:

Ok awesome songs whatever, but why do music videos get more attention than community ones. Its not fair, or nice

what are you on about u stupid bastard, music is the future, GET USED TO IT

If you like the song, fine, whatever. That's a different topic entirely. But the awards (the video was nominated for 9 VMAs and won 3) are for the VIDEO. There's a whole other award show for songs. And the video isn't all that special. Not bad or anything, just...average. Forgettable even. You know it could have used? Captain Lou Albano (RIP). That would have kicked ass.

I wonder if it's like a Three Wolf Moon ironic kind of praise, or am I the only one who doesn't get it?